Looking for team building activities in English?

Are you looking for team building activities in English?

Look no further. The Tribe offers great custom-made team building in English in the greater Copenhagen area. What’s more, The Tribe can easily facilitate team building activities for 100 employees or more. Don’t know exactly what you are looking for?


Here are some teambuilding ideas

Based at Charlottenlund Castle the event agency The Tribe has a great teambuilding game designed specifically for that historic location. The game is called The Royal Chancery. It is a live game requiring only brains, creativity, pen and paper and it is a highly praised business event in Copenhagen.


Are you looking for full service company events?

The Tribe offers much more than just their highly acclaimed game. Many companies look to combine dinner and drinks with their teambuilding activity, sometimes even a company party, and The Tribe excel at putting together corporate events on 1st class where no detail is left to chance. Just take a look at their website and see what others have had to say about it.


One of the great event management companies in Europe

The Tribe is not your average event company. Founded and run by anthropologists they have real depth to their teambuilding activities, and they appreciate deeply the importance of colleagues coming together to mingle, bond and play. Every guest is spoiled rotten at a Tribe event by the very capable team The Tribe has put together.


Want a corporate teamday with even more quality content?

The Tribe also specializes in teamdays where their game is often combined with challenging One Team exercises designed to bring to light some of the challenges and dynamics that play out in your organization. While no guest is pressured into doing anything they don’t feel comfortable with, the repertoire of challenges developed by The Tribe are apt at making everyone aware about the dynamics of teamwork, the pitfalls to avoid and the way to do it proper.


Corporate event management writ right

Forgive the anthropological lingo. Really, a team event with The Tribe is always a thoroughly planned, well-executed and highly rewarding experience for your team or company. Get in touch with them here. They are happy to answer any questions you may have and they are obviously accustomed to tailoring their events to suit your needs. All the above are simply examples of what The Tribe offers. So, drop them an email, fill out their short form found on their website or give simply them a call today.

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