Sådan finder du dit autentiske jeg ved selvudfoldelse

Finding yourself and finding out who you are can be a long journey. Many may not arrive at their authentic selves during their lifetime, while others already find out during their youth. When you find your true self by exploring your values ​​and feelings, you can live a life with fewer worries. Read along here and find out how you can live that life through self-expression. 

Finding your intimate self

Part of exploring oneself can also be exploring one’s sexuality, which can be difficult for some. For women, 6-13 percent may experience reduced sex drive. When men reach the age of 45-50, they may experience less desire for sex because they lose testosterone. 


But it can be healthy to explore one’s sexuality. If you have a partner, more openness and dialogue can help to increase sex drive. You can also explore your sexuality on Escort Guide , where an escort girl can help with your sexual desires.

His own worst enemy

It’s an old slogan, but it’s true nonetheless. Because if you make too high demands on yourself or constantly come up with self-criticism, it can prevent you from doing many things. Often the self-criticism is due to low self-esteem, because you fear not being good enough. Therefore, you can train yourself to talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend. You will quickly discover that you do not want to speak as condescendingly.

Therapy can help

If you are burned out or suffering from past trauma, it can be difficult to know how to begin self-expression. It can also be an intense process, and therefore one must also take careful steps when exploring one’s thoughts, values ​​and beliefs. 


If you are struggling with some of the difficult emotions, therapy may be an option. Here you can talk to a professional about your feelings and any traumas, so that it can be easier to change negative thought patterns. 

Write down in a notebook

If you are ready to explore some of your thoughts and feelings yourself, it may be a good idea to ask yourself some basic questions about yourself. When are you happiest? What is most important to you? What do you like best about yourself? You can choose to write down some of those questions in a notebook or diary, so that you can come back and reflect on some of those things.

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